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Altoterras Corporation (hereinafter called "Altoterras") respects the customer's trust and put a high management priority on properly protecting Personal Information (information which can identify a specific individual) obtained from customers and limiting its use. For this purpose, Altoterras has established the following policies regarding handling of Personal Information, and Altoterras will continuously endeavor to handle it appropriately, improving internal compliance system.

  1. Compliance
    Altoterras will comply with the applicable laws and regulations including "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" regarding Personal Information protection in Japan.
  2. Notification
    When Altoterras receives Personal Information, Altoterras will endeavor to clearly notify beforehand or publish on the website etc. the purpose, method and scope of the use of personal information, and Altoterras's contact information.
  3. Use within Specific Purpose
    Altoterras will use Personal Information only within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of use which has been specified in advance, except for cases in which Altoterras has obtained in advance consent from the individual who provides his/her Personal Information and for cases permitted under the related laws or regulations.
  4. Personal Information of customers under 15 years old
    Altoterras will make special consideration for the handling of Personal Information of customers under fifteen (15) years old, e.g., to notify clearly in advance to ask such customer to provide Personal Information only upon guardian's consent.
  5. Security control measures
    Altoterras will endeavor to maintain entrusted Personal Information to be accurate and updated to the extent necessary for the purpose(s) of its use. Altoterras will take necessary and appropriate security control measures in line with existing technical standards and will implement corrective actions as needed to protect entrusted Personal Information from unauthorized access, leakage, modification, loss, destruction, etc.
  6. Subcontractor
    Altoterras may subcontract the processing of entrusted Personal Information to a third party within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of use. Such third party will be selected after confirming sufficient level of information security, and Altoterras will exercise necessary and adequate supervision to the party by such means as signing "Confidential Agreement".
  7. Request for review, etc.
    Altoterras will, based on the provisions of the related laws or regulations, properly respond to comment(s) and request(s) from the individual regarding handling of Personal Information such as to review, correct, stop receiving further product or service information from Altoterras, or to delete Personal Information of their own after confirming their identity.

Please contact us from "contact form" if you need more information on our privacy policy.

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