Adventure Tips

Can not get moving. Can not find what to do next.

Firstly, try to find something strange on the map where you can go. If you find something peculiar, check it closely and cast a SOUMA you can think of on it.

Still if you can not find a clue, you might have a rest returning home.

How to "Hellow world" by JavaScript.


  • Tap the Menu.
  • Tap the SOURCE.
  • Select the blank SOURCE and Tap the Edit.
  • Enter the following sample code.
    // Hellow world!
    function hellow()
    	var souma = new SourceMagic;
    	var cons = souma.getConsole();
    	cons.out("Hellow world!");
  • Tap the Back.
  • Tap the SOUMA icon.
  • Select the entered code.

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