A boy SOURCERER, who manipulate SOUMA, The boys are heading for Heart of the World...

There is a mysterious temple in COMMESAT village, located in rarely visited place. The temple was a holy place in the past where many people visited but the earthquake hit the village 35 years ago and cut out the route to the village. Since then, it has been the isolated place with no pilgrim.

Asa Dephin, a boy in the village got SOUMA initiation, a magic to manipulate Five Elements of the Universe, by the intention of Kabal Fog, the mayor of the village. Asa, together with his friend, Corpo Agiel, a boy with lively and active nature, run around inside and outside of the village casting SOUMA.

The village is protected by the force shield of the temple, but inside of the shield is too small for the two boys who have great deal of curiosity. The two boys, before long, start looking for a new experience outside of the shield.

This is actually the intention of Kabal, too.

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  • Unique system
  • Realistic view of the world
  • Powerful full 3D graphics
  • Gorgeous sound
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