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While moving the chacaters, you may zoom in or zoom out by "pinch-in or pinch-out" oparation. If you zoom out outdoors, you can go to the screen of the world map. (Can not go from indoors.)

On the world map screen, the parts of the map you already visited are highlighted. If you tap the map where you want to go, you may go to the area of the map.

Five Basic Elements

In this game, Universe is composed of the energy of 5 basic elements, Soil, Water, Fire, Wind and Aethel element. You may observe the status of the energy of Five Basic Elements on all characters on the bar graph while you are playing.

Aethel Aethel element is most refined and nonmaterial element having a role of "space" where materials can exist. Its nature is mostly pure and fine.
Wind Wind element is playing a role of "motion" and "function". Its nature is mostly light and fine.
Fire Fire element is playing a role of "change" and "intellect". Its nature is mostly hot and keen.
Water Water element is half-materially element having a role of "washing away". Its nature is mostly cold and fluid.
Soil Soil element is the roughest and material-like element. Its role is to create visible materials or objects. Its nature is mostly heavy and rigid.
  • More in details
  • Two values of Five Basic Elements
  • Quality based on the balance of Five Basic Elements


SOUMA is the method to produce specific effects by controlling consciousness.

SOUMA becomes effective by chant of SOURCE, the procedural words. If SOUMA is a magic, SOURCE corresponds to a magic spell.

SOURCERER creates the intended energy by chanting SOURCE.

Research and development on SOUMA has being done as "SOUMA mechanics" in the East intensively. However it is said that SOUMA is originated from COMMESAT area in the world.

  • More in details
  • Type of SOUMA
  • Creation of Five Basic Elements' energy by SOUMA
  • Procedure of SOUMA
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